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Raewyn Lawrence

As a south coast artist, I have experienced some of the recent major weather events first-hand. Before the relentless rains and flooding, and even the pandemic, we suffered from terrifying bushfires!

The devastating bushfires of 2020 brought a shared sense of anxiety and grief to the community. However, witnessing the bush regeneration has brought some hope for the future. The destruction and renewal of bushlands has been a prevailing influence for many of my latest works.

I draw inspiration from the natural beauty of our landscape: the pristine bushland, mountains, rivers and beaches. Whether I'm drawing, colouring, stitching, sculpting, or most of all painting, I enjoy the process of creating. 

I also enjoy a good yarn, and I have been inspired by our local history. The stories, folklore and myths of our colonial and indigenous history can be compelling challenges to translate onto canvas. My own family history and childhood memories are also a rich source of subjects that have created the desire to produce deeper, more emotional and personal work.

Generally, I paint in the solitude of my studio on the South Coast of NSW. It is a space I love to inhabit, even if just to have another cuppa, listen to music or stare out the window.

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